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Irani Dawakhana (Treasure of Health)

  • Rana Fareed Subhani
  • Certified Doctor & Hakeem
  • 800 USD
  • Nov 23, 2021

Irani Dawakhana (Treasure Of Health)

Irani Dawakhana has a long-standing tradition of using natural and traditional ingredients for healing purposes. The clinic is known for providing safe and effective treatments for various health problems using herbs, oils, and other natural remedies.

Irani Dawakhana’s team of experienced doctors and therapists has been trained in the art of natural medicine, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. The doctors take the time to understand the root cause of the patient’s health problems and provide personalized treatment plans and give treatment with products (Qarshi Organization, Ajmal Khan)
All of Irani Dawakhana's treatments are safe, effective, and free from harmful side effects. The clinic uses only high-quality natural ingredients to prepare its medicines, and its doctors and therapists provide comprehensive guidance on the proper use of these remedies.
Irani Dawakhana offers a wide range of treatments for various health problems, including sexual disorders, joint pains, skin diseases, digestive disorders, and more. The clinic provides both preventative and curative treatments to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness.
The clinic uses traditional remedies and ingredients, such as herbs, oils, and extracts, to prepare its medicines.

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