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Muhallah Sulah Shah College Road Wazirabad, Pakistan


Education Mukabbir College

Mukabbir College is an institution that seamlessly blends modern education with Islamic ethics, setting a new standard. It’s a beacon that discerns authenticity from imitation, relying on Knowledge, Education, and interpersonal aptitude for differentiation. This unique approach, Mukabbir shapes discerning individuals equipped for a dynamic world.

Core Values



Excellence In Teaching Learning
Mutual Respect
Struggle with Wisdom
Laborious Hardwork
Why Choose Us

Choose us for a transformative experience that seamlessly blends Islamic values with advanced skills. Our commitment to upholding Islamic principles ensures an environment rooted in integrity, compassion, and respect. Beyond traditional teachings, we empower you with cutting-edge skills that position you at the forefront of your field. Join us to embrace a holistic journey that nurtures your mind with knowledge inspired by faith and hones your capabilities for a successful future.

Our Message

“Mukabbir” holds a significant place within Islamic values, embodying the belief in the greatness and omnipotence of Allah. This profound concept reinforces the understanding that God is the ultimate orchestrator of all events, reminding believers to place their trust entirely in His divine wisdom. In line with this, “Our Message” emphasizes the imperative of sharing this principle of Mukabbir with humility and compassion, fostering unity and connection among individuals. Through embracing this Islamic value, we strive to navigate life’s challenges with grace and to spread a message of hope and reliance on the divine plan.


Mukabbir College is immensely proud of its vibrant events that reflect its commitment to holistic education and lively campus life. Throughout the year, the college hosts captivating events catering to various interests. The Sports Gala ignites student competition, while the Spring Festival celebrates creativity. The Food Carnival delights culinary enthusiasts, and the 14 August event honors national independence. Another event is also part of our extracurricular activities. The college also organizes national and international trips, expanding students’ horizons. These events define Mukabbir College as dedicated to academic excellence and nurturing well-rounded individuals.