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Smart Restaurant ERP

Smart Restaurant ERP

The Restaurant ERP system is a restaurant management software that helps the eating place manager to manage the consumer dating control and eating place reservation machine extra efficiently and correctly by way of computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory manipulate, and restaurant POS. The system processes transaction and shops the resulting data.

System Modules In ERP

The restaurant Industry, an enterprise with a never replenishing demand for its carrier has been a startup point for lots, commercial enterprise lovers.

Project Result

The achievement of any restaurant relies heavily on the meals and how properly are the customers receiving them. The eating place desires to preserve all of the purchaser’s remarks in one vicinity so that they can confer with it again to determine to keep the dish or not.

Restaurant ERP:

Accounts Management
Commission and Discount Process
Business management
Human Resource Management
DO Status and Shipment
Comprehensive Reporting
Loyalty Programs
Customer Data
Heavenly Technical Support
Marketing Programs
Employee Management With POS Security
Inventory Control
Accept Gift Cards
Increase Income
Credit Card Processing Integration
User-Friendly Order management
Simple Menu Setup
Tracking Of Sales
Food Delivery
Guest Database and Restaurant CRM
The employees need to hold up with the short-paced environment to serve the customers in a better manner.
The people who might be visible to clients at once are the wait team of workers.
They need to both add a few extra factors into their dish or don’t want a particular factor in it.
It has to hold the report of every unit that you buy out of your meals providers.
Some clients have unique requests and wish to customize their orders.

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