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<p> <b>HTML5</b>&nbsp;&amp; <b>CSS3</b> is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the <b>World Wide Web.</b> </p>

Auto Cad 2006 - 2007

<p> <b>AutoCAD</b> is the most popular tool for <b>Architectural</b> drawing and <b>CAD</b> productivity.&nbsp; that begins with <b>basic drawing</b> examples.<br></p>

Photo Shop 7.0

<p> <b>Photoshop</b>&nbsp;is Adobe's <b>photo editing</b>, <b>image</b> creation, and <b>graphic</b> design software. It uses a layer-based editing system that enables <b>image creation.</b><br></p>


<p> <b>Angular</b> is a <b>platform</b> and <b>framework</b> for building <b>single-page</b> client applications using <b>HTML</b> and <b>TypeScript</b>. Angular is written in <b>TypeScript.</b><br></p>

Java Script

<p> <b>JavaScript</b> is a <b>programming language</b>. It was originally developed by <b>Netscape</b> as a means to add <b>dynamic</b> and <b>interactive</b> elements to websites.<br></p>

JQuery Language

<p> <b>jQuery</b> is a <b>JavaScript</b>&nbsp;library that allows <b>web developers</b> to add extra <b>functionality</b> to their websites. It is <b>open source</b>&nbsp;and free under the <b>MIT license.</b> <br></p>

Microsoft Office

<p> <b>Microsoft Office</b> is a suite of desktop <b>productivity</b> applications that are designed specifically to be used for <b>office</b> or <b>business</b> use.<br></p>

Crystal Reports

<p> <b>Crystal Reports</b> is a popular <b>Windows-based</b> report writer solution that allows a developer to create <b>reports</b>&nbsp;from a variety of data sources with of code to write.<br></p>

Internet Basic Course

<p> The <b>introduction</b> to <b>computers course</b> is ideal for anyone who is looking to learn basic <b>computer </b>and <b>internet </b>skills and excellent courses for <b>students</b>, <b>teachers</b>.<br></p>

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